What is this blog's purpose?

Here we will share valuable, evidence-based insights about the latest trends in modern education with the world: The aim is that these materials will help inform and inspire everyone involved in higher education, from Students and Educators to Instructional Designers. We firmly believe that awareness is the first step to action, and action is the key to our higher goals being met: A world where education is engaging, fun and above all, effective.

Themes approached in this blog will include:

  • Non-Traditional Education Methods (e.g., Active Learning, Blended Learning), the evidence for them, and some easily adoptable techniques for the classroom
  • The State of Affairs in Education Technology/Innovation around the world, and the need for accelerating these processes
  • Unique insights extracted from the Consortium's work with its network of partners, presented in the form of case studies, stories, or guest articles

The Articles

Blended Learning: The New Paradigm?
14 Ways Technology Will Revolutionise Education